Why Envision Excellence?

“Envision Excellence has been an outstanding resource for our organization. Laurie Maddalena is an excellent executive coach and her talent has brought our executive team to new heights of effectiveness and cooperation. I would recommend her to any CEO who is looking to take his or her team up to the next level, or to an executive who is looking to improve their leadership effectiveness.”

Chris Conway

Educational Systems Federal Credit Union

“Envision Excellence provided monthly leadership training for three of our managers and I am thrilled with the positive results! I have seen tremendous growth from each manager, and the qualitative skills they acquired are very difficult to teach without a supportive learning environment, and a coach who can quickly identify gaps and develop a program that feels unique to an individual but beneficial to all participants. It was an enriching experience for our managers; they thoroughly enjoyed the engaging conversations with Laurie, and with each other – they really bonded as a team. All agreed that the reading assignments were meaningful and some have already ‘paid it forward’ to their own employees. This program was a good investment for our company and its future leaders.”

Brenda Sneed

Corporate Network Services

“The Envision Excellence leadership development program is by far the best professional development coaching I have ever had. I began the program with some reservations, thinking it would be similar to others I have gone through and my skepticism was proved wrong. Laurie Maddalena’s program has proved to be engaging and provided me with invaluable insight into being a stronger, more effective leader. Envision Excellence helped me to realize changes I should make in my communications, time management, and employee and coworker relationship building. Laurie Maddalena has a gift for tailoring the excellent materials she has developed to fit the people she is coaching and facilitating productive discussions centered around the topics presented. I feel that I am much better off for working with Envision Excellence and look forward to continuing to work with Laurie.”

Chuck Melton

Application Development Manager,
Corporate Network Services

“The Executive Success Circle Program has been one of the most richly rewarding programs I have participated in as a leader. Interfacing with other executive level peers on leadership challenges, focusing on key areas of personal development, and building new relationships with other executives outside of my organization have all had a direct and meaningful impact on my performance as a leader.”

Karen Rosales
Arlington Community Federal Credit Union

“I received a lot of very timely and useful tools from the leadership program that I will continue to use throughout my career. There are too many changes I have made to fit into this small response box. From time management to understanding when a conversation becomes crucial and how to handle that. I appreciated two main things. The additional resources provided so that I could continue learning about a subject and the in class atmosphere that allowed for open flowing conversations. I believe I can now handle most situations with tact and professionalism. I can hold people accountable now as well as have that crucial conversation. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone willing to continue learning throughout their career. It was very helpful. It exceeded my expectations. Thank You!!!”

Matt Piazza

Atlantic Financial Federal Credit Union

“I would give the leadership program a 20 out of a 10. Amazingly life changing! My time management improved and now when I coach I actually get real results. It is great to see the team stronger than ever. I enjoyed our open discussions which allowed us to brainstorm and feed off of each other. My job has been easier during normal work hours. I know the importance of delegating and how to get more done effectively. The class is about growth within as a person and a leader. Please continue doing what you do. It was a blessing that I was able to attend. My life has been changed. Thank you!”

Salma Haddad

NRL Federal Credit Union

“The coaching I received with Laurie helped me generate a new method of approaching staff communications that generated a more professional management structure within the context of a creative, flexible, and ownership based team. It has been a resounding success for how my team responds, and has generated efficiencies in areas that I did not think had deficits. I greatly appreciate the time spent with Laurie as she is an excellent instructor and coach who utilizes your own personality profile and management techniques to act as a foundation for your growth as a manager and communicator. I am especially proud of my newly acquired ability to “play the pauses,” and react more deliberately as a manager, as I have found restraining from action is a far more difficult than rapidly jumping into an un-analyzed situation. I can only speak enthusiastic praises for my coaching with Laurie and recommend it highly for anyone needing a new approach to management.”

Matthew Bender

Acting Deputy Director,
National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center

“The Leadership in Action program was exactly what I needed with just getting into a management role. I wish I could take this every year to always keep the valuable information top of mind. Where do I begin to describe the best part of the program??? I feel I have become a confident manager who is pushing my employees to take more responsibility and also opening up the lines of communication with them to be the best leader I can to them. I only hope one day when they are asked which manager inspired them most…they think of me. Crucial Conversations was by far my weak area. I learned valuable skills that I hope make these difficult situations easier. I plan to keep the book that had to do with that session handy at all times. I completely recommend this program to anyone. Not only does this help you in your career but also in your personal life. Overall an amazing program. Thank you Laurie for such an excellent program.”

Stephanie Storey

Department of Labor Federal Credit Union

“I WOULD GIVE THIS PROGRAM AN A +++. Laurie was a patient, knowledgeable and easy going instructor.
I am eager to handle more difficult situations with confidence. Delegation!.. Delegation!..Delegation! 🙂 The best part of the program was open and honest feedback and group participation. The instructor Laurie gives real life experiences and helps you relate to a lot of problem areas that need to be addressed and how to go about it productively, professionally and confidently. I am able to continue to strengthen my coaching and mentoring skills and hold others accountable. Yes, I would recommend this program. It can be used as a foundation for those looking to transition into leadership positions and assist with current managers and leaders on how to deal with situations.”

Jonelle Hall

NRL Federal Credit Union

“Envision Excellence has been an eye opening experience for both me and my company. Laurie Maddalena has tailored her training to the specific needs of my department and management style, and has made me a more motivated and most importantly, confident manager. I, along with several other mangers from my company, have trained with Laurie and adopted her strategies and techniques. I have seen this filter throughout the entire company as there is now a shared vision and education driving the company as a whole. I would be remiss if I did not mention the manner in which Laurie conducts her business. She has an equally professional and personal approach to her training and counseling that makes her extremely effective and the material more pertinent. I would suggest that this has been my best experience to date with a training program, and l would think that any organization could benefit from Laurie’s unique curriculum.”

Tom Keller

Vice President, Government Solutions
Corporate Network Services

“The overall program was excellent. Sharing everyone’s real life experiences and how they implemented some of the techniques and information was very helpful. The reading assignments were excellent. I feel more confident in my leadership abilities and feel equipped to be able to deal with whatever new leadership related challenges that may come my way. What I liked best about the program were the interaction and group discussions, and sharing of real life experiences. The program has made me more aware of my time and how to better prepare and organize my daily activities. I’ve had many ‘aha’ moments on when and where I could apply some of the principles learned in the classroom. Yes, I would recommend this program. The class and the material (books and hand outs) are very useful and are things that you could review and fall back on frequently. Excellent resources. Great Class, Great Instructor.”

Steve Stakias

AVP, IT Operations
APG Federal Credit Union

“I was a participant in Envision Excellence’s executive leadership program and I highly recommend it for leaders looking for professional networking, development, and support. The program enabled me to meet other HR professionals in different industries who experienced similar challenges from a different perspective. With the mastermind process, I could bring a work-related HR challenge for discussion and receive valuable input and insights as to how I might address it. For example, I received practical input for a management trainee program I developed for my credit union. Because of the confidentiality guaranteed by the Mastermind, I could talk candidly about sensitive HR topics. The participants were a support network I could lean on. Mastermind facilitator Laurie Maddalena provided insightful speakers and professional development presentations on such topics as compensation, accountability, and employment law and she created an online networking portal to exchange information and ideas and access documents. Finally, the program included a coaching component which supported my leadership development.”

Beth Yingling

Senior Vice President of HR and Organizational Development,
Apple Federal Credit Union

“I’ve benefited professionally and personally by working with an executive coach. Laurie Maddalena of Envision Excellence is friendly and knowledgeable and immediately puts people at ease. She worked with me to explore the underlying issues and limiting beliefs that were challenging my confidence and keeping me from realizing my goals at work and in my personal life. Laurie listened carefully, provided me with useful resources and helped me practice new skills. From our sessions I’ve gained new perspectives on how to envision and achieve the personal relationships and work-life balance that I’ve always desired.”

Kathryn Klose

Associate Dean,
University of Maryland, University College

“As a result of this program, I have noticed that I am more aware of the impact that I contribute to the organization. I try to make sure that I’m more prepared when leading meetings, having performance discussions, and interacting with my peers and executives. I liked the fact that this program allowed us to be extremely honest with one other. I think that Laurie did a great job facilitating discussions and having us to commit to takeaways at the end of each session. I’ve benefited tremendously because I’m more in tune with my leadership style and key results areas. It’s made me think more deeply about what I want to do as leader and how that can impact all aspects of my life. I would give this program a 9. I would recommend this program, because its provides a platform to evaluate your peer relationships, your communication style, your strengths as a leader, and how efficient you are in achieving your goals. I thoroughly enjoyed this program, and I’d like to reach out to Laurie as often as I can as a mentor.”

Amy Thomas

HR Director,
Arlington Community Federal Credit Union

“My time management and delegation have improved immensely. The best part of the program was learning the tools to manage up and have synergy with staff to also manage up and provide coaching tools for growth. I have a better understanding of the power in effective communication in various situations and seek to find solutions to every day challenges from my peers and leaders. I also gained a greater handle on the importance of asking open ended questions in problem solving. The program was excellent!! I would rate it highly for individuals looking to grow in their leadership and management capabilities. I was very thankful for the readings as well as the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the management team. Every o should use this program!! I enjoyed the program and look forward to our next sessions in the future. Many thanks Laurie – it was definitely a value added experience!”

Nyambo Anuluoha

Business Development
Arlington Community Federal Credit Union

“I truly enjoyed the leadership program. It was great to be able to meet monthly with a group of intelligent people who are in the same line of work from various industries. We learned, laughed, and were loyal to the group. Everyone was committed and participated which added an extreme amount of value and substance! We received lots of support from one another and had the opportunity to develop options and resolutions to challenging HR issues that we faced daily. I was fortunate to be selected into the group and very thankful that I participated. I encourage any professional to join! It’s a rewarding experience. I met a lot of wonderful professionals that I can count on anytime for a listening ear, support, and assistance.”

Tameka Brown

Director of HR and Administration,
NARFE Premier Federal Credit Union

“Laurie Maddalena is a very talented human resources professional and executive coach. On May 14th, Laurie presented “Successfully Coaching Employees” to the members of NOVA SHRM’s Training and Development Special Interest Group which provided resources and focused on four main areas, * The organizational dilemma * The coach approach * Coaching skills * Implementing a coaching culture Laurie’s style was organized, engaging, and very practical. She also allowed for fun group interaction. With this in mind, I strongly recommend Laurie. the feedback we received was outstanding.”

Sarah-Day Snipas

Federal Talent Manager,
Deloitte Services NP & Co-Chair, NOVA SHRM Training & Development SIG

“I read more books about leadership. I come to a consensus with my peers on our organizational goals. I have become closer to my management team. When I am feeling very unproductive I go back to our books and timing my day out better. Having the books as a resource has also helped. I would recommend this program because it is very important to go through a program like this or you cannot move forward as a unit of managers. It is a chance to come together with a shared purpose, speak the same “language”, have open crucial conversations, and learn about what similarities and differences you possess with your peers. Most importantly there is a trickle down affect that many if not all of the employees see and feel. I would rate this program a 9. I want to thank you for the opportunity and for being a great active listener.”

Erin Ryan

Marketing Manager,
Arlington Community Federal Credit Union

“I am observing and coaching much more. And, I feel like I am addressing any potential negative issues much faster. What I liked best about the program was the interaction with my co-workers, by far. Through this program, I learned a lot more about my co-workers, and myself. I would rate this program a 10! YES, I would recommend this program. It opens up the notion that we all have areas that require attention, and that there are ways to address those issues.”

Alex String

Branch Manager,
Arlington Community Federal Credit Union

“Working with Laurie Maddalena, I accomplished things that otherwise would have been put on the back burner: it wasn’t that I was working harder, but rather more efficiently. Instead of getting overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks, she guided me to take measured steps that helped me achieve my longer term goals. The beauty of working with Laurie is that I always feel empowered–that it is me driving the decision-making. A compassionate and attentive listener, Laurie is able to get to the heart of the matter in a single question. She is always asking the question, “What else?”. I am truly grateful to her and her ability to challenge me to achieve higher goals and accomplishments.”

Sarah Rice

Marketing Manager,
Sunflower Marketing

“Laurie is a wonderful coach who has strong listening skills and a keen sense of intuition. She helps me step back from my day to day challenges and see the bigger picture. The result is that my stress level is reduced, and I am better equipped to deal with issues at work as they arise. Laurie’s warm, supportive nature pairs well with her keen sense of humor and ability to call the bluffs where she sees it. I highly recommend Laurie as an executive coach.”


Senior Manager,
Large Global Consulting Firm

“Laurie is an uniquely gifted scholar who coaches and leads with the utmost integrity. Laurie exudes confidence, and possesses a classy yet approachable style. I was privileged to have collaborated on many high-impact initiatives with Laurie at MCT Federal Credit Union, including community service events, youth development & internship recruitment, and major organizational re-structuring. When hired at MCT, Laurie very quickly went from a supervisory position in our call center to an executive who courageously lead the organization through rapid growth and evolution. I am not surprised she now runs her own enterprise and have no doubt she will be incredibly successful. I would highly recommend Laurie and the executive level services she provides.”

Jane Westcott

Former Director of Member Services,
MCT Federal Credit Union

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